Curriculum Vitae

  • UENISHI Kota : kuenishi^at^
  • Native Japanese speaking, business level English speaking
  • Tokyo, Japan
  • GPG Key : 8CD45203 / Key fingerprint = FF7E B3FF 4AEE ADEA 764D  2F33 BD95 145F 8CD4 5203

Computer Skills

  • Distributed Systems, Database Systems, High Availability Design
  • C, C++, Erlang/OTP, Java, Python
  • Server middleware in Linux, Apache Mesos, Chainer

Work Experience

  • Riak CS development, team lead (2014-)
  • Engineer, at NTT , April 2007 - August 2012
  • On April 2012 Information Sharing Platform Laboratories divided into two laboratories - Software Innovation Center and Secure Platform Laboratories.
  • 2011-2012 open source: Development of Jubatus - joint work with Preferred Infrastructure Inc., writing C++, Python and OCaml.
  • 2008-2012 proprietary: Development of distributed database system inclusing consensus system. 2-3 softwares written in C, C++.


  • Master of Science, University of Tokyo, 2007
  • (Large Vocabulary Continuous) Speech Recognition at in Keikichi Hirose Lab.
  • BS in Electronic Information Engineering, University of Tokyo, 2005
  • Genetic Algorithm, Humanoid Robot at Hitoshi Iba Lab.